2015 in Photos

This year was fueled by coffee. I never drank coffee growing up. Around March, I decided to absorb all I could and started manually brewing at home. Drift Magazine definitely helped spark the flame. Highly recommended. First, I started with an aeropress, added a french press (I use it for tea now), and finally a Kalita Wave. Just one more thing to add to the list of hip things Chris does.

Linda and I traveled a lot this year. It was a good year for relationships. We're engaged now, so we're practically together FOREVER. 

We got to travel to a bunch of places including: DC, Houston, Austin, Marfa, and Hong Kong.

We made new friends, hung out with old ones, and watched a few people get hitched.

Memorial Day Weekend HTX-3367.jpg

2015 was a great work year. I went full time photographer in July after a great year with the Plaza District. It wasn't easy, but what good things are, AMIRIGHT?

For 2016, I hope to draw more, shoot more, and see more. We're getting married in November. Yikes.