Mid-July Update


This cat started meowing at us in our backyard, so my girlfriend decided she wanted to take her into the vet and get her checked up. Andddddd...we have a cat now. As we were leaving the vet's office, this whole family of pups and kids came out. Leave no child without a dog.


Her name is Nyanko. She brought us a bird today.

20140711Brittney & ChrisDSCF3945.jpg

I painted my friend's dog for him for his birthday. So yeah, hit me up if you guys want some dog paintings.

Here's the biggest piece of news.


It's crazy how over a year ago, I was just photographing people during LIVE. I made some friends, worked with some cool folks, and now I get to help promote this district. This is mainly why I've been too lazy to blog. 

20140714OKCComedy Mick FoleyDSCF3998.jpg

Here's Mick Foley and some beef jerky by the legend, Jim Ross. Photographing comedians when they're really up tight about being photographed is kinda lame. I'll pick my subjects better next time.

My Drink & Draw pal, Lance, and his wife, Becky, debuted their gourmet pretzel food truck, Twist, this month. Easily one of the best trucks in town. Light and yummy. 

Last weekend was my girlfriend's birthday. We decided to do something nice for someone else that day too. With my Western Scout abilities, I waited for someone awesome to come into Guestroom Records. The door opens and you see a little kid run around screaming, "WECORDS!" I thought he was so cute, I offered his dad a record on the house. They searched and searched for something with a "WocketShip" on it, but they ended up grabbing some Stereolab. It's always cool to see a boy and his dad enjoying what will probably be a pastime. I'm currently connecting with my dad through collecting records. He's teaching me his oldies ways.

I'll wrap this post up with some cool kids at Premiere on Film Row. Premiere gets better every time. I think they've finally got the hang of things. Build cool shit, and cool people will come.