QuitNguyen.com 3.0

I've changed my website for the 3rd time now. I'm actually paying for this one, so maybe it'll force me to keep it for a while.

Anyway, this past week has been pretty crazy. A few people came together and make GiveTogetherOK.com happen. We threw a launch party on the Rooftop at Plenty, but before that, I went on a little tour of Automobile Alley and hung with the dudes at Commonwealth.

When I got back to the rooftop, the party was already poppin'. Ran into so many awesome people in this city. 

This is Mike. He's a passionate man who had an idea to make giving together easy. You guys should give NewAnthropy a looksie, and join in on the sharing.


Alright, enjoy the new site. Let me know what you guys think!